How Long Will I Have Invisible Braces Attachments (Buttons)?

Invisalign attachments can speed up the timeline for invisible braces and improve your overall results. These tooth-colored buttons give the braces something to grip onto, but they don’t impede the appearance of your smile. If you’re wondering how Invisalign buttons work or how long you’ll need to have them, check out the guide below.

The Purpose of Invisible Braces Attachments

Invisible braces attachments give the clear braces a better gripping point. They can still work without the attachments, but some braces plans work best with this added feature.

To put it into perspective, imagine you’re climbing a natural rock wall vs. a climbing wall with staggered handles. You can probably scale either one, but you’re likely to climb the wall with the handles a bit faster. The attachments are handles for the clear braces to grip onto, allowing for swift dental realignment.

Average Timeframe for Invisalign Attachments

The timeframe for Invisalign buttons varies greatly from person to person. Minor adjustments may not require attachments at all, but a major transformation may benefit from having the attachments throughout treatment.

Most invisible braces dentists will try to eliminate attachments on your front-most teeth as quickly as possible. This you may only need those for a few months of treatment when the bulk of the movement occurs. If it would be beneficial to keep the buttons on the back teeth for the entire duration, your dentist can let you know that. Then you can make a decision based on your needs and goals.

Not Everyone Needs Invisalign Buttons

Clear braces attachments are fairly common, but they’re not necessary for all adjustments. For example, if you’re simply revising some teeth movement after braces, you may not need attachments to make those changes. Go into your consultation with an open mind, and the dentist can explain all your options to you.

Can I Request Not to Have Invisalign Attachments?

You can request to not have invisible braces buttons. Be aware though, this may extend the timeframe for your braces or may not allow for the ideal results. If your dentist strongly recommends Invisalign attachments, it would be wise to get them temporarily so you can have the best results in the end.

Important Tip: How to Prevent Staining on Clear Braces Attachments

The chief complaint most patients have about invisible braces attachments is that they are prone to staining. This staining is avoidable, but it is something you should be aware of as you wear braces.

Staining mostly occurs when drinking dark liquids, such as coffee or red wine. It’s best to avoid those beverages altogether when you are wearing your trays, but we understand that’s not always an option. If you can, try drinking the beverage through a straw or rinse/brush right after consumption. The goal is to minimize contact between the liquid and your attachments.

If you’ve noticed staining on your attachments despite proper care, talk to your dentist about replacing them, as needed.

Get a Personalized Invisible Braces Plan with Answers to All Your Questions

The best way to determine how long you will have invisible braces attachments, if any, is to speak with the dentist or orthodontist in charge of your care. Clinton Dental Center offers invisible braces in Chesterfield MI, and we are currently accepting new patients. Give us a call at (586) 949-5363 to get started.