Michigan Child Dentistry: Root Canal Vs. Tooth Extraction

Root canals for children are more common than most parents realize. While it may seem logical to simply pull a damaged baby tooth and wait for the permanent one to grow in, there are many advantages to repairing the tooth and keeping it in as long as possible. Before you opt to get your child’s tooth pulled completely, consider some of the benefits our Michigan pediatric dentistry patients have experienced over the years. Here is a look at why root canals are usually better than tooth extractions.

Speech And Eating Development

Teeth play a key role in speech and eating development. When a child’s teeth are pulled prematurely, there is a chance that he or she may experience temporary or permanent speech delays. At the very least, having a missing tooth makes it difficult for a child to chew his or her food properly, especially if there are already other teeth missing from natural tooth loss. Protecting your child’s tooth with a root canal instead of a dental extraction will ensure that he or she develops at a healthy rate.

Guiding Permanent Teeth In Place

Baby teeth also act as a guide for the permanent teeth that are growing in their place. If you pull a baby tooth out before the permanent tooth is ready to come in, the adult tooth may grow in crooked or in the wrong place altogether. It’s as if you are sending a train out into an open field without tracks. If the permanent tooth is close to coming in, the dentist may recommend an extraction because there will not be much of a time gap between the two. Otherwise, he or she will likely recommend preserving the tooth with a root canal.

Preventing Bite Problems

As we mentioned above, your child’s permanent teeth may grow in crooked if his or her baby teeth are pulled too soon. This can cause bite problems that require extensive orthodontic care – potentially years of metal braces. Not only will this be a discomfort for your child, but it will also be a hefty expense for you to cover. By getting a root canal now, you can save yourself a lot of money in pediatric dentistry later on.