Dental Whitening near Mt. Clemens MI

Closeup of woman smiling with white teeth.

A beautiful white smile is closer than you think. Clinton Dental Center offers fast, affordable dental whitening near Mt. Clemens MI. You can dramatically improve the look of your smile in just one sitting. If you have other smile goals, we offer cosmetic dentistry solutions to fit your needs.

  • Take Years of Surface Stains off Your Smile with Professional Dental Whitening
  • Enjoy Long-Lasting Results with Our Dependable Dental Care
  • Choose from Several Teeth Whitening Programs, Including In-Office Whitening and Take-Home Whitening Kits
  • Get a Permanently White Smile with Custom Dental Veneers
  • Choose from a Range of Cosmetic Dentistry Services, Including Dental Bonding, Crowns, Partial and Full Dentures, Bridges, and More

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When Is the Best Time to Get Dental Whitening?

Most dental whitening procedures only require one visit to the dentist office, so you can arrange to whiten your teeth at any time. With that in mind, it is important to pick the right time in your schedule for the procedure. Most clients experience one to two days of sensitivity after dental whitening. It also takes 48 hours for the whitening results to reach their full effect. Thus if you want a whiter smile for an event, you may want to schedule the whitening several days ahead of time.

The experts here at Clinton Dental Center will gladly help you find the perfect time for teeth whitening. Give us a call at (586) 949-5363 to schedule an in-person consultation for dental whitening near Mt. Clemens MI.

Preserve Your Whitened Smile with Family Dentistry from Clinton Dental Center

Want your beautiful white smile to last as long as possible? Enjoy our smile maintenance services from Clinton Dental Center. We offer everything from teeth cleaning to invisible braces and beyond. Best of all, the whole family can come to the same dentist office! Our office is open Monday through Thursday, and we also offer select appointments on Friday and Saturday. Come visit us at:

Clinton Dental Center
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