Does Sleep Apnea Worsen Depression Symptoms? MI Sleep Apnea Treatment

Sleep apnea doesn’t just make you snore at night. It can affect other areas of your life as well. The quality of sleep you get plays a big role in your emotional stability, which is why it is so important to get sleep apnea treatment as quickly as possible. Here we will explore the link between sleep apnea and depression to find out how damaging sleep apnea really is.

Yes, Sleep Apnea Can Increase Depression Symptoms

Many patients experience depression after sleep apnea. There are several reasons for this. Your mind uses your sleep time to process thoughts and emotions from the day. Your body shuts down, and your brain starts working overtime. If you have sleep apnea, your body never fully rests. This prevents the brain from doing its job, which may result in mood adjustments.

Another thing to consider is how fatigued you feel with sleep apnea. Since you cannot rest at night, you never get the full boost of energy you need to feel peppy and productive. This may make you irritable, which could push you into social isolation. Loneliness will trigger depression, and your mind won’t have the energy to re-evaluate the situation. The cycle continues from there.

How To Get Help For Sleep Apnea

With sleep apnea treatment, you can greatly reduce your risk of depression. You will feel more alert and energized throughout the day, and your brain can sort through emotions easier. We offer dental-based sleep apnea treatment here at Clinton Dental Center. You will get a special mouth guard to wear at night that prevents your tongue from falling into your throat. No more waking up at night because you cannot breathe properly. The dental appliance fixes that.

Sleep apnea mouth guards work for most patients, but they are not ideal for everyone. During your consultation, we will evaluate your symptoms to find the root cause of your sleep apnea. If your condition is better suited for an alternate treatment program, we will point you in the right direction.

How Long Does It Take For Sleep Apnea Treatment To Improve Depression?

There is no set timeframe for depression relief with sleep apnea treatment. Most people see an immediate improvement in their sleep apnea symptoms, but it may take a while for your depression to go away. As your body gets used to your new sleep schedule, your mental health should gradually improve. You should be back to a happy, healthy life in no time!