4 Signs Of Cavities

The sooner you can identify a cavity in your mouth, the sooner you can cover it and prevent the hold from spreading. Your dentist will check for cavities during your six month oral exams, but a lot can happen from one appointment to the next. To ensure that your smile stays healthy and great-looking, watch for these 4 signs of cavities.

Oral Pain

If you have pain in a specific area of your mouth when you eat, drink, or expose the tooth to air, you may have a cavity developing. Oral pain may also be caused by worn enamel that can make teeth sensitive over time. This wearing may result in a cavity if left unattended. If you have unexplained, consistent pain in your mouth, schedule an appointment with your dentist.

Bad Breath

Bad breath can come from a wide range of sources. In many instances, the breath comes from decay and bacteria living in dental cavities. Bad breath is not a guaranteed sign of cavity, but it is certainly something to keep an eye on. If other people have started commenting on the foul odor coming from your mouth, you may need to get checked for a cavity.

Tooth Sensitivity

Sensitive teeth may come from worn enamel, but they may also be the result of a cavity forming. The cavity creates a portal between your teeth’s nerves and the liquids that go in your mouth. If you are unexpectedly sensitive to hot or cold liquids, you may have a cavity lingering in the back of your mouth.

Trapped Foods

Food may get trapped in your cavity, making it difficult to brush and floss properly. If you have to use a toothpick more often than normal in between brushing sessions, you may have a new crevice forming in your mouth. Avoid eating foods that get stuck there regularly to minimize your risk of tooth decay. Then get in to see the dentist as soon as possible.

How To Prevent Cavities From Forming

The best way to avoid cavities altogether is to brush your teeth twice a day, and floss at least once daily. Practice proper oral hygiene, and maintain a healthy, balanced diet. Come in for your semi-annual cleanings and oral exams so your dentist can catch the cavities at the first signs of development. Get the cavity filled right away, and you won’t have to worry about it spreading out of control.