How To Help Your Child Overcome A Fear Of The Dentist

Is your child scared of the dentist? This is a pretty common fear among children at every age, and sometimes that fear sticks with them into adulthood. Since visiting the dentist is part of good oral hygiene, you need to work with your child to get through dental anxiety. The tips below explain how to help your child overcome a fear of the dentist so you can have a family full of healthy smiles.

Find The Right Pediatric Dentist For Your Family

A recent study showed that 12% of children fear going to the dentist, while 64% enjoyed the experience. Choosing the right pediatric dentist from the start can help you keep your child excited about oral health. In the study, 63% of children preferred a decorated dental clinic over a plain one, and 90% of children preferred dentists who wore white lab coats.

Beyond the surface though, you should look for a trustworthy child dentist with experience working with children – someone who has the credentials to back up his or her great smile. When your child feels comfortable at the dentist’s office, the fear seems to go away.

Show Excitement When You Have To Go To The Dentist

Your children will be more inclined to go to the dentist if they see that you’re excited about it as well. If you face dental anxiety of your own, it may be time to address the issue for the sake of our children. Invite your child to come with you on your next dental appointment, and show him that there is nothing to be scared of. When he sees how comfortable you are, he will no longer have to worry about the loud machines at the dentist’s office.

Turn Dentist Appointments Into Fun Adventures

Instead of making a dentist appointment into a hassle or a chore, you could turn it into a day of fun. For instance, you may reward your child with some frozen yogurt after the dentist or go see a movie together as a family. O something special that you do not normally do so your child associates dentists appointments with enjoyable experiences. He’ll be begging to go back to the dentist in no time!

Come meet the amazing staff at Clinton Dental Center to see our comfortable, fun pediatric dental clinic in person. We look forward to working with you and your little one.