Is Your Child Breathing Properly?

When you think of what the typical sleep apnea patient looks like, you probably visualize a male in his mid-forties to early-fifties who is maybe a little overweight. You wouldn’t be wrong, either. But if you think adults (men in particular) are the only ones who suffer from sleep apnea or other conditions affecting the airway, you’re mistaken. The fact is, children and adolescents suffer from restricted airways, as well. The real problem is that their symptoms may be similar to other conditions, making diagnosis difficult. What are they and what can be done?

Your Child’s Airway

Obstructed airways in kids can be caused by a number of things. As with adults, being overweight is a risk factor. Other potential causes include enlarged tonsils and adenoids, an underdeveloped lower jaw, abnormalities of the tongue, and certain neuromuscular disorders. In some cases, such as with the tonsils and adenoids, surgery can correct the problem. Sometimes, interceptive orthodontics can help. The only way to know which treatment will be effective is to diagnose the cause of the airway obstruction.

The Symptoms

Some symptoms of apnea in children are the same as with adults, snoring, gasping for air during sleep, and daytime drowsiness among them. Other symptoms include:
In children, bedwetting, night terrors, teeth clenching or grinding, restless sleep, and hyperactivity may be indications of an obstructed airway.
In teens, symptoms include ADHD, GERD or acid reflux, problems staying awake at school, and difficulty focusing.

How I Can Help

I am committed to addressing your child’s obstructed airway before it becomes a problem in adulthood. I offer a free apnea screening which will not only allow me to diagnose apnea, but help me determine the causes and best treatment plan for your child. If your child has any of the symptoms mentioned above, contact my office to schedule a screening. I look forward to helping your little one get the sleep they so desperately need to function.


Dr. Sadikoff