Michigan Oral Surgery Myths BUSTED

Many patients have a fear of oral surgery because they do not fully understand what is involved with it. We’ve all heard terrible stories about oral surgeries gone wrong, but the fact is that those situations don’t happen often. In fact, almost all patients who get oral surgery in Michigan are 100% satisfied with their results. If you’re still on the fence about your procedure, these busted oral surgery myths should ease your worries.

Oral Surgery Is Expensive

The cost of oral surgery may not be as high as you think it is. Many types of oral surgery are covered by dental insurance, so you will only have to pay a small portion of the fee. Here at Clinton Dental Center in Chesterfield, MI, we offer affordable payment plans for all of our oral surgery services, so you can get the care you need regardless of your budget. We will also make sure that you get the right procedure for your specific needs so you do not have to pay for an unnecessary surgery. We will go over the cost of oral surgery during your free consultation so you can know what to expect from your procedure.

Oral Surgery Is Painful

With the help of modern anesthetics and technology, oral surgeons are able to perform most surgeries without any pain at all. If you have anxiety about the surgery going into it, you may be more susceptible to pain than someone without anxiety. However, we have anxiety medication that we can use in addition to the anesthesia so you can free your mind and stay calm throughout the procedure. Most oral surgeries are recommended to eliminate long-term pain, like what you may experience from broken or impacted teeth. Considered this a source of pain relief, not pain itself.

Oral Surgery Takes A Long Time To Recover From

The recovery time for oral surgery depends on the type of surgery being done and the overall health of the patient. In many instances though, patients are able to go back to work or school the very next day after having their oral surgery. We usually recommend going home and resting after surgery just because of the time it takes for the anesthesia to wear off. If there is prolonged pain after the operation or anything else along those lines, we will provide medicine and educational materials in your aftercare package.

Oral Surgery Is Scary

The word “surgery” is scary in and of itself, but oral surgery shouldn’t be a scary process. When you’re in a calm, relaxing environment like the one we offer here at Clinton Dental Center, you don’t feel the rush of fear shown in dental horror clips. From the moment you step into our office, you’ll be greeted with friendly smiles and caring support from people who truly care about their patients. You don’t have to be scared about any procedure you ever go through in our office.

There Are No Alternatives To Oral Surgery

Don’t just assume that you will need oral surgery. In many cases, there are cosmetic dentistry alternatives that can fix your oral health problems with little to no invasion. For instance, if you have a chip on one of your front teeth, we may be able to correct it with color-matched dental bonding. If you have a gap in your teeth, we could use invisible braces to align your teeth and give you the smile of your dreams. Our goal is to come up with the best possible option for your specific needs so you end up with top-quality results. Give us a call at [phone_formatted] to schedule your first appointment.