How Sleep Apnea Treatment Saved Major League Baseball Career

Sleep apnea is more than just an annoyance. It’s a life-hindering condition that makes it difficult to think, function, and move throughout the day. Mike Napoli from the Boston Red Sox knows this all too well. He underwent a special sleep apnea treatment years ago that ultimately saved his major league baseball career.

Let’s take a look at Napoli’s journey to see how much relief comes from treating sleep apnea.

Napoli’s Life Before Sleep Apnea Treatment

Before Napoli went through sleep apnea treatment, he would wake up multiple times a night – panicking because he could not breathe. This is a common symptom of sleep apnea, and it can make even the bravest of people afraid to go to sleep. Napoli told reporters, “I was always scared to go to sleep. I used to leave the latch on the door in the hotel open. Just so they could get in my room.”

Without getting proper sleep at night, your body and mind cannot operate like they’re supposed to during the day. This creates the feeling of constant fatigue, confusion, irritability, absent-mindedness, and weakness – none of which are ideal for a professional athlete. Napoli knew that something had to change if he was going to continue playing baseball, so he decided to get treatment for his sleep apnea.

How Napoli Got Treatment For Sleep Apnea

In Napoli’s case, common sleep apnea treatment programs were not enough to relieve his symptoms. He had to go through surgery to realign his jaws. For most patients, sleep apnea relief is as simple as getting an oral device from a dentist office like Clinton Dental Center. We will take a mold of your mouth and create a special apparatus that keeps your tongue from blocking your throat at night. We will also go over at-home treatments for sleep apnea, such as sleeping in a certain position, losing weight, or creating a calm environment before bedtime.

Napoli’s Life After Sleep Apnea Treatment

The difference between Napoli’s life now and his life with sleep apnea is “night and day.” The baseball player said, “I actually want to work out. Where before, I’d get here and I’d be so tired I’d get through a couple of sets and not feel like doing any more.” Napoli is able to get through training without feeling completely worn out, and his skills in the game have improved as well. Sleep apnea treatment gave Napoli a chance to truly excel at his career, and in the end, he said he would do it all over again.

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