The Perfect Nighttime Teeth Brushing Routine

Your nighttime teeth brushing routine is arguably the most important oral hygiene step of the day. This is when you prepare your smile for 8+ hours of tooth decay prevention. Leaving your teeth unattended creates a breeding ground for uninterrupted tooth decay. We’re here to help you change that.

Read on to learn how to create the perfect teeth-brushing routine.

Brush Your Teeth Right Before Bed

You could brush your teeth about 30 minutes after dinner, but most people benefit from brushing right before bedtime. Brushing early in the evening leaves more time for you to eat or drink before bed. Whatever you consume will hang out on your teeth, feeding the bacteria that lead to cavities. Brushing before bed leaves little room for error and allows you to enjoy the evening to the fullest.

Brush, Floss, and Clean Your Tongue

Be thorough in your nighttime brushing routine. Brush the front and back of your teeth. Carefully floss between each pair of teeth. Clean your tongue and use mouthwash to clear out as much food debris as possible.

Clinton Dental Center has a comprehensive tutorial on How to Brush and Floss Like a Pro. We also recommend talking to your dentist about personalized oral hygiene tips, such as how to brush with braces or how to choose the right mouthwash. Your dentist can take your smile needs into consideration to customize an oral care plan.

Wear Your Retainer, Invisible Braces, or Mouthguard to Bed

Once your teeth are thoroughly cleaned, you can install your mouthguard, invisible braces, or retainer, if applicable. It is imperative to wear these appliances while you sleep, so your teeth do not shift out of place. Mouthguards protect against nighttime teeth grinding and prevent future smile concerns. Make sure these tools are part of your nighttime teeth brushing routine.

Avoid Late Night Snacks and Drinks

Do not eat or drink after you brush your teeth. The goal of nighttime teeth brushing is to eliminate sugars in your smile that tooth-decaying bacteria will feed on. If you eat after you brush, you’re giving the bacteria a buffet of sugar to munch on. This may lead to cavities, sensitive teeth, and other issues.

Brush One Additional Time Each Day

As important as it is to brush your teeth before bed, it’s also important to brush at least one other time per day. Many adults benefit from brushing right before they leave for work in the morning, then before they go to bed in the evening. Your schedule or personal habits may not align with that, so find a system that works well for you.

See Your Dentist at Least Once per Year

You still need professional teeth cleaning at least once annually, even if you diligently clean your teeth at night. A dental hygienist will remove plaque buildup that routine brushing can’t fully tackle, and your dentist will conduct an oral exam. If you have any upcoming concerns, your dentist can catch them early on and provide an appropriate remedy.

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