5 Fun Ways To Get Kids To Brush Their Teeth

Having trouble getting your child to brush his teeth? This is a common parenting dilemma that pediatric dentists strive to solve on a daily basis. If your child refuses to brush his teeth, it may be time to approach it from a new angle. Here are 5 fun ways to get kids to brush their teeth.

Sing The “Brush Your Teeth” Song

There are plenty of songs out there that encourage kids to brush their teeth. We like this one because it is a little over 2 minutes long, just enough time for a thorough tooth-brushing:

YouTube video

Play this in the background while your child brushes his teeth, and you won’t have to do any extra work!

Let Your Kid Choose His Toothbrush

Sometimes all your child wants is a little independence. Give him the chance to pick out his own toothbrush so he has a direct say in his oral health. Of course, you can guide him into a toothbrush that is best suited for his needs, but your child should make the final decision. Worse comes to worse, surprise him with a toothbrush with one of his favorite cartoon characters and see if he gets excited about teeth brushing.

Have A Tooth Brushing Competition

Turn tooth brushing into a competition to encourage your child to brush his teeth. Note that this is not a race. You should not try to get your child to brush his teeth as fast as possible because chances are he will miss big sets of plaque or bacteria. Instead, race to see who can clean their mouth the best. You can use a product like Red-Cote Dental Disclosing Tablets to show areas of the mouth that may be forgotten after brushing. If your child has a big spot left to clean, brush again and compare.

Create A Rewards System For Getting Ready

If your child is already used to getting rewarded for chores, this could be an easy way to encourage him to take care of his teeth. Create a rewards system for different tasks in his morning and nighttime routines, like getting dressed, cleaning his room, brushing his teeth, taking a bath, etc. The rewards could be converted to extra TV time, special movie nights, ot whatever you want them to be.

Lead By Example

If you do not take care of your teeth, your child will question why he has to. Be a leader in oral health for your family and maintain proper oral hygiene. Come in for your semi-annual dental exams and brush your teeth at least twice a day. Your child is sure to follow in your footsteps.